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This is a guest post by Maria Hills, from the tuition agency Edu Aid

Tutoring is a lucrative business because students pay for private tuition so that they can understand their courses. It is an ideal profession as well because you focus on what you studied in university.

In fact, you practice it at your preferred time and pace. However, challenges exist in all businesses including tutoring. For example, checking submitted work, handling billing systems, and scheduling time to meet with your students are challenging tasks. Fortunately, technology is changing the tutoring business in the following ways.

Checking Submitted Work

Students have different writing abilities. For example, some of them write fluently. Others have poor grammar. Others write original essays while others plagiarize from various online sources.

Evaluating these differences takes a lot of time because students submit an endless amount of work for review by their tutors. Fortunately, tutors can focus on the content of the essay. Then, technology will help them evaluate technical details such as grammatical errors and plagiarism.

Various apps and websites provide you with this kind of technology. Using them saves time and energy. Tutors can use this time and energy on other things such as preparing lessons plans or developing coursework materials.

Handling Billing Systems

Tutoring businesses receive many bills at the end of the month. One of them is from your internet service provider. Others are from utility service companies and the work-related applications that you are using. The accounting firm you hired to help you file your annual tax returns will send you an invoice for their services as well.

These are examples of the bills you might incur in this business. It is worth noting that they vary from one tutoring firm to another.

How will you handle these payments? Will you go over them one by one?

The solution to handling billing systems in your organization is using an automated electronic system. It will help you track your expense in real-time. Moreover, you can use these systems when it comes to receiving payments. Remember, parents will pay you for your services in addition to people who are old enough to sponsor themselves.

Make it convenient for them to spend money on your services by adopting technology that supports an automated payment method. Finally, an efficient payroll system is necessary for your business so that you can pay your tutors in a timely fashion.

Scheduling Time to Meet With Your Students

Setting up meetings with your clients is critical to any business. Unfortunately, tutoring firms mostly cater to students who are available at their preferred time. For example, some of them have time for lessons during the day while reaching others is only possible in the evening. A few of them are available at odd hours of the night.

How do you create the perfect schedule between your students and your tutors in such an unpredictable environment? Can you do it manually?

Remember, some students have a habit of rescheduling meetings at a moment’s notice. How do you adjust to such occurrences? The answer lies in adopting computerized scheduling systems. They include immediate notifications to administrators, students, and tutors of changes in schedules.

Automated fines on repeated and unexplained rescheduling are also possible if you adopt this kind of technology for your business.

Maria is part of the community outreach team at Edu Aid. Maria is passionate about ongoing education at all ages, and when isn’t learning new things, she’s s a keen walker and cyclist and can be found exploring.

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