How To Find Students To Tutor

Without students your tutoring business is dead in the water unless you have a solid marketing plan for attracting pupils. This article contains some useful content on how to find students to tutor so you can confidently grow your business and increase your income.

1) Knowing how to advertise your business

Effective advertising is crucial to bringing in new students.

Although some tutors claim word of mouth is all you need to get started, this single approach just won’t cut it these days, especially if you’re starting from scratch.

Surely it’s better to be proactive in growing your business rather than waiting for a friend of one of your pupils to call about lessons for their son or daughter?

Here are some common mistakes many tutors make with advertising.

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2) Using a range of marketing strategies

It would be fantastic if you could just use one method to bring in new students like clockwork, every month.

Unfortunately, it’s not that simple.

Of course some methods are better than others, but you really need to employ a range of strategies in order to find students to tutor. Spend some time coming up with a detailed marketing system which you use as a plan to promote your business.

Creating some business cards is certainly a great way to get started, but here are several strategies you can also use to bring in some new students.

3) Find students to tutor all year round

Whilst tutoring can be a profitable business, it’s easy to forget that your pupil numbers will often drop off throughout the year, especially if you have a large number of school pupils.

Kids are pulled in many different directions with other extra-curricular activities, and sometimes something has to give. Therefore, expect some of your maths students, or guitar pupils to stop during the school year.

However, with the right marketing strategy, you can plan for this.

But you need to start thinking about it months in advance in order to keep your numbers up throughout the year.

Furthermore, you may also face a drop in income in the summer months when many of your pupils go on holiday.

You could offer a specialised summer course for new students, many of whom will decide to carry on in the autumn.

As a self-employed tutor, you often need to work hard to maintain your income and keep your student numbers up all year long.

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4) Using word of mouth more effectively

I mentioned above that you shouldn’t just rely on ‘word of mouth’ to find students. However, you can increase the chances of it working if YOU take a more active role.

Here’s a 3 step approach you can use which dramatically increases the chances of finding students using the referral method.

You should remember that when someone recommends you to a friend or acquaintance, it’s an incredibly powerful vote of confidence in your skills as a tutor.

If a friend recommends a new restaurant to visit, aren’t you more likely to go there?

If you’re looking for a plumber or electrician, you can Google it, but I bet you’re far more likely to go with someone your neighbour recommends.

And with tutoring, people are much more likely to choose you over a competitor if their friend has recommended you.

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