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Tutoring business cards are a great way to represent you and your business.

In fact, they can be a very effective marketing tool if they are well designed and used appropriately.

A business card communicates to others not only the professionalism of the business, but also its quality. Business cards provide a short but memorable version of what you do and what you can offer. They also provide information on how others can contact you for information.

Designing your card

The main purpose of tutoring business cards is to make it easy to save the contact information of your business. You need to strike the right balance in terms of content; not too much information but not too little either.

Other pointers to remember include:

  • Avoid fonts that are difficult to read, small or blend in with the color of the background
  • Use an email address that you log into at least once everyday
  • Use a phone number that can receive voicemails and that you will able to answer
  • Create a professional looking logo. If you have a website, you may have one already which you can adapt for your card. If not, check out Over there someone can design one for you for just $5.
  • Provide a company address and if you don’t have one, provide the name of the city you are located or your home address.

However, you might decide not to include your full address. If it takes up too much space on your card, it may look more cluttered.That’s what I decided to do. For my teaching business, most potential students visit my website before contacting me, so I can write my address on my contact page.

Also, as I have a Google My Business listing, people can easily find my address if they type my name into the search engine. The very nature of the business card means people who have been given one should be in your local area anyway.

  • Say something about your business using its logo, name, slogan or a few lines that describe what you do. You should also provide the website address of your business.
  • Links to social media. Think carefully about this. I’ve seen some business cards with links to 4 or more social media profiles. I think this is just too much. Just list your main 1-2 channels e.g. Facebook and YouTube. Your business card won’t look as cluttered and won’t overwhelm people when they see it.

TIP – One effective way to promote your business is to put the offer of a FREE first lesson on the back of the business card. This can work like magic for your marketing campaign if you can target the right people

How to market your tutoring business cards

Once you have designed and printed your tutoring business cards, you will need to market them effectively so that you can make the most of them. Here are a few tips about how you can go about it.

Leave them in public places

Determine where potential customers like to spend time or hang out and start there. This gives you an idea on where you can leave your business cards and how you will display them. Likely places include local cafes, shop windows, schools, colleges, libraries, town halls or local notice boards.

Another way to make sure that they get top potential customers is to talk to shop owners and see if the cards can be left on the counter to be picked up.

Brand yourself

Slogans and logos are a great and effective way of branding your tutoring business instantly. Think about it. What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think Mercedes, Facebook or Twitter? It’s most likely not cars or social media but rather the symbols that are used to represent them.

A good slogan will be a great way to make sure that people remember your business while logos will give a competitive edge over other tutoring companies. Be sure to place the slogan just below your company’s logo and people will surely remember your business.

Follow up on marketing

Think about how many people you have given business cards on a periodic basis and analyze the figures to see how many people you have contacts for or how many you have seen since then.

Remember to send an email or text to remind people of the tutoring services you provide and any promotion you might have. In the event that the extra card you gave didn’t reach another party, an email will serve as a reminder of your services and for the card to be passed on to someone else.

Don’t leave your house without them

See how you have a checklist of everything that you can’t leave the house without? Wallet, car keys, house keys, checkbook…well, it’s about time you added your business cards to that list. On average, a single person talks to twenty people.

Give them to your friends and family, as well as extra ones which they can pass on to other people. Doing this will ensure your business will get great exposure. Any possible meeting should be viewed as an opportunity to give out your business card.

Don’t hold back

When it comes to marketing your business cards, always remember the phrase ‘nothing ventured, nothing gained’. Hand out your cards to anyone you come across including friends and family. Also make sure to give two cards; one for the person you meet and one for their friend for referral purposes.

Why? Because while the person you give the business card may not need your services, someone they know may need them.

Include a special offer

I mentioned above that you can offer a FREE lesson on the back of the card, but you could try another special offer. For example, you could provide brief details on the back of the card featuring 10% off a five session block of lessons, or offer a reduced rate for group lessons.

Taking extra measures and time to not only design your card, but also apply the above marketing tips will help you land more customers for your tutoring business. It will also give you a competitive edge over other tutors or teachers providing similar services who may not have put the same amount of dedication and determination into designing as well as marketing their business cards.

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