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Do you take your tutoring business seriously?

I’m sure you do. But do your students take YOU seriously as a tutor?

It’s something many tutors overlook in the day-to-day running of their tutoring businesses.

Allow me to explain…

Don’t let this hurt your tutoring business

Some tutors take it for granted that just because they have knowledge in a particular area, they’ll be taken seriously and become the go to guy for lessons in the local area.

However, being taken seriously as a business owner

Well, that’s a different kettle of fish altogether.

If your students don’t take you seriously as a business person, then it will definitely hurt your tutoring business, especially in the early stages.

It’s something I’ve seen happen with a couple of clients, who are great teachers, but they’ve seen a negative impact on their business, in part, as a result of not being taken seriously as business people.

However, it’s very easy to fix…

Why do you need students to take your seriously?

In my opinion, there are two main problems which can result from a situation where you’re not being taken seriously as a tutor.

  1. It can prevent you from getting paid what you’re worth.
  2. It can make it harder for students to recommend you to their friends and family – Remember people only refer others to a business if they think it’s “the best”

This is why you need to do everything you can to be perceived as a serious business person, and not a hobbyist who’s not that serious about tutoring.


Here are 3 things which you can do to help

1) Dress Professionally

Admit it.

If you see someone wearing a jacket, with a nice shirt, trousers and polished shoes, it looks good and creates a positive impression, even before engaging with them in conversation.

So you should dress to impress, especially if you’re meeting students for the first time.

Don’t go over the top, but in my opinion it’s better to be overdressed than underdressed, so avoid wearing some baggy jeans and a T-shirt!

It might seem such a small thing, but looking the part will make people respect you more and take you more seriously as a private tutor.

2) Act Professionally

How you act both in and outside of your lessons tells others how serious you are about your tutoring business.

Be positive around people, ask questions and listen to what people have to say. It might seem a bit self-righteous, but help others achieve their goals. It shows you are serious about helping others and sends the right message to people in your community.

As a result, people are far more likely to recommend you and spread the word about your tutoring business, and realise you are a person of influence.

Influence is so important in business.

So pay close attention to how you conduct yourself when you deal with potential new students.

3) Be Prepared

If, like me, you were in the Scouts many years ago, then this phrase should seem very familiar!

Be prepared for your lessons.

Text books, pencils, pens, paper and other stationery should always be available for your students. It shows you are serious about helping them, and will ensure you will always have a productive lesson in case they forget any materials.

Be prepared for meeting potential students

Always have business cards to hand when you are out in public. You don’t need to be salesy or forceful in giving them out.

With the right approach you can increase the chances that you will pick up referrals just from handing out business cards to people you meet on a daily basis.

Be prepared when meeting students for the first time.

If you have offered a free trial, or you are meeting someone for the first time who wants lessons with you, then do your homework.

Find out all you can about the person you are meeting with in advance, and know the answers to the questions they are likely to ask.

Bottom line?

If you look professional, act professional and think like a professional, then people will view you as a professional.

And these minor adjustments can go a long way to improving the results of your tutoring business.

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