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Wouldn’t it be great if every enquiry resulted in a student choosing you as their tutor?

A 100% conversion rate.

Is it even possible?

Convincing students that you’re the tutor they’re looking for can be tricky. After all, you can’t MAKE them choose you over your competitor…

You could try and undercut the competition and reduce your price, but that can often lead to a whole host of problems later on for you and your business.

An effective strategy to increase conversions

Ok, while I can’t guarantee a 100% conversion rate, I can show you a strategy which will DEFINITELY help make students choose you as their tutor.

It takes a bit of initial effort on your part, but as a result, it can transform your business.

It’s all about showing your VALUE as a tutor before a student has even started their first lesson with you.

But how can this be done?

You build an email list.

When done right, it’s incredibly effective way for finding new pupils.

And it’s an underused strategy.

By offering value to potential students in a newsletter, you greatly increase your chances of finding people to teach in both your local area and online.

But you should use newsletters with a slight twist.

Create a freebie

Basically you offer something for FREE to people who visit your website, in exchange for their e-mail address.

People love getting things for free.

Free samples of a new food product in a supermarket, a free month trial at your local gym…and so on…

free photo
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So what can you offer for FREE to find new students?

Well, you could offer a short guide with tips on learning a specific thing about your subject. Maybe something you know your potential students might find challenging?

You could also offer a free video course, in a series of emails, where you actually TEACH a certain topic.

This way, people can see how you teach, and what sort of things they could learn with you as a tutor.

You could even ask a friend to be a guinea pig and pretend to be a pupil in your video lesson!

After a potential student’s seen your video and learnt some useful information, do you think they’re more likely to choose you as a teacher?

Of course they are!

An effective newsletter is a great way to stand out from the competition

..and students are less likely to haggle about price because they can see what a great teacher you are!

How to create an email list and newsletter

I use GetResponse to create newsletters and set up my email series.

Once someone enters their email address, you can build trust with them one step at a time.

..all on autopilot!


I have emails going out in an automated sequence every few days, and I just add to the sequence every so often. It works great for finding students online, but it’s also effective for finding pupils in your local area.

The fact is most people visit a website once and then never return. But part of the reason using a newsletter or email sequence works so well is that it gives you MANY opportunities to show your value to potential students.

So someone might choose to be your student a day, week, or even 3 months after visiting your website!

If you’re interested in using this approach, I recommend taking a look at GetResponse. They offer a FREE month trial so you can see if it’s right for you and your business.

It’s a great way to boost conversions and increase the chances a student will choose you as a tutor over your competitors.

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