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What name are you going to give your tutoring business? While many teachers just choose their name, some go for something more catchy to try and stand out from the crowd. It’s an important decision, as your name carries the weight of the entire business.

One method is to think of your tutoring business name in two essential parts. One part that catches peoples’ attention at first glance and a second part that tells them more about the business.

Here are some important other things to consider in more detail:

Why is your business name important?

How do you want your students and potential clients to view your tutoring business? Your name represents everything you stand for; your service, your reputation and your values.

Don’t rush this step, and make sure you choose a name you are definitely happy with.

tips on coming up with a name for your tutoring business

What should I name my tutoring business?

There are many ways you can come up with a creative business name, which is interesting and eye catching. Here are 10 tips to help you come up with a name for your tutoring business:

Focus on the value of the business

You could come up with a name that highlights the value of your business. The name that you decide on relates directly to the type of business that you are willing to offer.

A word such as “advanced” is ideal to capture the attention of individuals. For this, you should avoid common names as people may shrug it off as some other business they know of. Stay relevant and be unique about it. You could also try words such as ‘expert’, ‘master’ or ‘achieve’.

Simple is usually better

Ideally you want something catchy that people will easily remember. Think about some of the most famous brands in the world, they all have short names that make it easier for people to associate products with e.g Nike – sportswear, Facebook – social media, YouTube – videos etc.

Use a place name

Research in the field of psychology shows that people’s attention is directed to familiarity. Names like those of places, a local joke or a name derived from a known story are very eye catching.

You should therefore use this to your advantage. Just make sure it doesn’t narrow down your target market too much, especially if you live in a small town.

Include your subject in the name

Prospective clients needs to be clear what your business represents so including your subject in the name is certainly worth considering.. The name does not have to be direct like “Mathematics”. In fact you can get experimental with the name. For instance, you could use an interesting mathematical figure like “Pythagoras” or twist it into a manner that is not bold like “Pythagorean”. You can shift the names in any manner that remains relevant with the subject and still keeps it interesting.

Add your name

One of the most common approaches is to just use your name, especially if you are the business and it’s just you who will be doing the teaching. But even then, once your reputation gets established, don’t be afraid to hire other tutors if you wish to expand your business. A person’s name has been shown to draw people attention directly to what it is related to. As such it would be ideal to use your name as the first part of your brand name. If you feel your name is too long, or you’d like to combine it with something else, you can always use your initials.

Use an acronym

If you feel your name doesn’t really work for your tutoring business, you can always use an acronym. For example, it’s worked well for the BBC and AT&T. You can use your initials, or something linked to your subject e.g. MLC Tutoring (these are my initials in case you’re wondering!)

Choose something that is easy to spell and remember

There’s no point in having a tutoring business name that isn’t obvious to spell or remember. Some potential clients may find your business online and click straight through to your website which is great. However, don’t under estimate word of mouth as a source of students. If people start recommending you to their friends, having a name which is tricky to remember or spell may restrict the number of potential clients trying to contact you.

Create a mash-up

Combining two words together to form one new word seems to be a popular thing in recent years e.g. Brexit, chillax etc. However, you can use this strategy with business names. For example, look at Netflix (formed by using the ‘internet’ and ‘flicks’) and GroupOn (‘group’ and coupon’). Can you think of something creative with your name, subject name or place name?

tutoring business names

Is your tutoring business name available online?

If you think you’ve come up with a name, you need to perform due diligence and check whether there are any websites that share your business name. Even if there is one fairly similar, that can also be confusing to potential clients. Worse still, is your name used by a website which you’d rather not have any connection to?

Are there any companies which have registered your name?

After an online check, look if there are any other businesses or brands that are registered with the names left on your list. If there are, then cancel them out.

Think about SEO in your business name

While a solid and catchy brand will always stand out in peoples’ minds, don’t forget about SEO. If you’re a math tutor in Chicago, it stands to reason that ‘math tutor Chicago’ will be a popular search term when pupils are looking for teachers in the Chicago area. Including an important keyphrase in your brand name can be worth its weight in gold.

Get other people’s opinion on your choice

Finally, once you have a selection of names that are available and you’re happy with, get some other opinions from friends and family. You could even make a survey to get results from your potential market. Ideally the survey questions should not contain more than two or three names so you can find a clear winner.

Still struggling?

If you’re still finding it hard to come up with a name for your tutoring business, here are some websites which can help your brainstorm some ideas:

Around 200 names for you to use (if they’re available), or you can modify them to use in your business.

A business name generator that specialises in tutoring. I find these things quite hit and miss to be honest. I certainly wouldn’t spend hours clicking the button hoping you’ll strike gold! Rather find something which might trigger you into thinking of something else.

Another business name generator you can try.

Ideas for naming your tutoring business

Here are a few suggestions to get the ball rolling courtesy of (please don’t assume these are available, but rather some ideas to ignite that creative spark!)

  • ABC Tutors
  • Tutoring 101
  • F to A Tutors
  • Tutor Time!
  • Math Master Tutoring
  • Tutoring History
  • Counting Stars Tutors
  • The Grammar Police
  • After School Tutors
  • Any Day Tutoring
  • In-Home Tutoring Service
  • Straight A’s Tutors

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