What name are you going to give your tutoring business?

While many teachers just choose their name, some go for something more catchy to try and stand out from the crowd.

It's an important decision, as your name carries the weight of the entire business.

Here are some things to consider...

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Tutoring business names have two essential parts. The part that catches peoples’ attention at first glance and the part that tells them more about the business.

Create Something Intriguing...

There are many varied ways that you could use to make your business name interesting and eye catching. The objective of the first part of the brand name is to hold people's attention long enough until they can get to read the second part. So even though it is the interesting aspect of the brand name, it also requires a lot of work and thought.

Here are various suggestions as to what kind of strategies you could use to come up with a name for your tutoring business

1) Focus On The Value Of Your Business

You could come up with a name that speaks to people of the value of your business. The name that you decide on has to be qualitative and specifically in a way that relates directly to the type of business that you are willing to offer.

A word such as "Advanced" is ideal to capture the attention of individuals.

For this, you should avoid common names as people may shrug it off as some other business they know of.

Stay relevant and be unique about it.

2) Place Names

Research in the field of psychology shows that people's attention is directed to familiarity. Names like those of places or a local joke or a name derived from a known story are very eye catching.

You should therefore use this to your advantage. The name should be relatively broad so as not to alienate potential clients further away from your business by making it seem like a local business only.

3) Subject Name

Since you are looking to get into a tutoring business, it would be ideal to use the name of the subject that you teach. The name does not have to be direct like "Mathematics" rather you can get experimental with the name.

For instance you could use an interesting mathematical figure like "Pythagoras" or twist it into a manner that is not bold like "Pythagorean". You can shift the names in any manner that remains relevant with the subject and still keeps it interesting.

4) Your Name

Another very intriguing option to use is your name.

A person's name has been shown to draw people attention directly to what it is related to. As such it would be ideal to use your name as the first part of your brand name. If you feel your name is too long, or you’d like to combine it with something else, you can always use your initials.

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The Informative Aspect Of Your Tutoring Business Name

This is the part of your business name that lets the world know the type of business you deal in and it’s pretty straight forward. It could be something as simple as "Learning" or "Tutor School".

Eventually, each of your brand names will be merged into one. And when you build a recognizable and successful tutor business, the mention of either name will be directly associated with the other just as in any other successful brand.

There a few other considerations you need to consider and evaluate before you make your name public and take it on as a brand.

5) Come up with a list

First of all, you will need to generate a number of names, using the strategies above, that you think would be ideal as brand names for your business. The names need not be final and/or permanent. This is just a rough sketch. Using another party, a friend or business partner perhaps, isolate the best names. Narrow it down to five or so names.

6) Is your name available online?

The second thing you need to do is check online whether there are domains that share your business names, for all the names left on the list. It is best to have an ideal domain that holds your brand name so as to avoid confusing your clients. If there is a domain name with any link to your choices of business names, you need to cancel them out.

7) Are there any companies which have registered your name?

The third thing is to check if there are any other businesses or brands that are registered with the names left on your list. If there are, then cancel them out. This is so as to avoid scenarios where after marketing your brand, you still don't get the business as it all heads to your competitor with the similar name.

8) Get other people's opinion on your choice

Finally, do a final elimination of the name that you think is best for your business. You could even make a survey to get results from your potential market. The survey questions should not contain more than two names so make sure you have narrowed it down to that.

Using the results from the survey you can then determine what name to use for your brand. And you can then make it legal and have a website set up for your new brand.

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