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Once you start building a sizable teaching studio, two things happen…

Firstly, your bank balance starts to look a lot rosier and you take immense satisfaction that you’re earning money doing something you enjoy ?

However, as a side effect, you start to get frustrated with the amount of admin you have to deal with each month!

Moving around lessons, phoning/e-mailing students and parents, creating and sending invoices by post or e-mail etc.

The list goes on…

Unfortunately, most students don’t realise your time is valuable. They often don’t see how much work is involved in organizing something and how changing lesson times can have a knock on effect on your weekly schedule.

I bet if you calculated how much time you spend on admin each month, you’d probably fall off your piano stool!

As private music teachers, we’re not paid to chase up late payments, send e-mails or phone parents.

Imagine if we could ?

Enter Music Teacher’s Helper (MTH)…

Reduce Your Admin And Run Your Teaching Business More Effectively With Music Teacher Software

MTH is online music teacher software designed to make the lives of private music teachers’ much easier. It provides a way to communicate effectively with students, streamline your billing and payment methods, and make scheduling your timetable a real breeze…

Everything is done through the software, for you and the student.

best music teacher software

best music teacher software


a) You receive your own website

With MTH, you receive a website which your students have access to. Your pupils can login through a customized control panel, where they can keep a record of their practice time and you can send them notes and other musical resources.

b) Online calendar Simply login and enter your weekly teaching schedule. For privacy, you can set it up so students only see their lesson time and any “global events” you’ve set up, such as free slots you have available for teaching, or if you’re performing at a local concert you’d like your students to attend.

If a student cancels a lesson online, MTH sends an e-mail alert and you can automatically charge the student if that fits in with your policy. If you wish, you can make that slot available, and another student can reschedule their lesson for that time. If a student cancels a lesson, and moves into one of your available free slots, you can also delete any cancellation charge if that fits in with your policy. You can also set up automatic e-mail reminders before an event or student’s lesson.

c) Invoicing

A brilliant feature and such a time saver. You can automatically send monthly invoices and accept Paypal payments if you have an account. When you enter payments into MTH, the student automatically receives a receipt by e-mail.

d) Reports

You can download reports of all the lessons you’ve taught to an Excel file. Handy when it comes to doing your taxes!

e) Notes

You can make notes after a lesson and automatically e-mail them to a student.

f) Expenses

You can track all your petrol miles and business costs for tax purposes.

musician photo


– All the bookkeeping is very clear, accurate and reliable.

– The automatic invoicing feature is very useful. MTH can work out how much your students owe based on your calendar. You can send invoices in one go and even set things up automaticallly if you bill monthly.

– Fantastic support – If you have any problem, the support team are always happy and quick to help

– Save time – No need to phone students over scheduling or billing queries. MTH takes of everything.

– Clean layout and easy to use


– You should be prepared to put in some time in the beginning to get used to all the features. However, once you’re up and running, you’ll notice things become much easier!

– Although the free website is feature is very useful, your URL will be a subdomain of MTH, e.g. If you are a performing musician, I would recommend setting up a ‘main’ website e.g. showcasing your performing talents, and redirect any potential new students to your MTH website to register their interest in lessons. In my opinion, it looks better to have your playing and teaching careers on separate sites, especially if you go with MTH.


All things considered, this is a great piece of software to help run your teaching business more effectively. You’ll need some time to get used to the interface and all the functions, but there are many tutorial videos to help you out, and the support team is excellent.

In fact, with the time you’ll save each month, you’ll realise you can teach MORE lessons and actually INCREASE your monthly income.

Therefore, the monthly cost of MTH is negligible when you take everything into account…

…so it’s fantastic value for money

If you like, click the link below to learn more about Music Teacher’s Helper.

You also get a 30 day FREE trial with no obligation so you can take your time to see if it’s right for you.

= > Click Here To Learn More About Music Teacher’s Helper < =

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