“Here’s How To Get Paid Commission For Every Sale By Promoting My Products “


Sharing my products is easy! Read this page and follow the simple steps below to become an affiliate and earn a 50% commission each time you refer someone who buys one of my products…

“So, How Much Can I Make?”

That depends on how many sales you refer to my product pitch pages, but the sky’s the limit.

Remember, every single time someone clicks on your unique affiliate link, ClickBank is tracking that referral. If the person who clicked your link buys one of my products, ClickBank will pay you 50% of that sale!

Let’s just take a hypothetical example and say you referred ten customers to my Academic Tutor Marketing Course sales page over a two week period. You’d get paid 50% of each of those sales. And if each of those customers purchased this product at $97 per sale during that two week period, you’d make over $400 in commissions.

Of course, this is merely hypothetical, and your results may vary depending on several factors. However, it should give you an idea as to the potential commissions you can make by referring customers to my products.

Get Started Now!

Step 1: Click this link to get an affiliate account at ClickBank (they process the payments) click on “CREATE ACCOUNT” at the top of the page).

BE SURE TO WRITE DOWN YOUR ACCOUNT NICKNAME – you will need to enter it below to generate your unique affiliate links for my products!

Step 2: Choose the product(s) you wish to promote...

Price $67 or $97. You'll make 50% commission.

Price $67 or $97. You'll make 50% commission.

Just enter your affiliate id and click “Generate Affiliate Url” 

Step 3: Send your unique affiliate link out in emails to your friends (other tutors are your best bet!), share it on social media, and post the link on your website or blog. That’s all there is to it!

How To Refer Sales And Make Big Commissions…

The best way to promote my products is to let other tutors know about them.

Now, if you run a tutoring business, I don’t recommend you post images and promotions of these products on your tutoring website. That will just lead to you alienating your students and confusing the public about what your studio actually does.

Instead, I suggest that you use the tips and tactics below to help you market my products to the people who will be most likely to buy them – other tutors

Website and Blog Marketing

If you have a website or blog that is targeted towards other tutors, then I would strongly suggest promoting my products to your visitors. You can insert your affiliate link using the book cover images above, or using text. Try using phrases such as “Click here to learn more”, or “Learn more about the Music Teacher Marketing Course”

For images, you want to add them to your site in such a way that they act as a button that takes them to your unique affiliate link when they click it – that way, ClickBank will track the sale and you’ll get the referral commission.

If you don’t have a site that is targeted to tutors, you can easily start a blog or Facebook fan page and start posting relevant content in order to get readers and followers. See below for more tips on how to start a Facebook group in order to promote my products and make affiliate commissions.

Starting A Facebook Group

Facebook is probably the quickest path to getting people to see your ads and click on your affiliate links. Just think about all the Facebook groups you belong to that are topically related to tutoring or tutors. All it takes to start one of those groups is a Facebook account and a few minutes of your time each day to post new content. If you are a member of such a group, you can always share an affiliate link and image there (if the member rules allow it – I don’t encourage spam!) or you could just create your own group on Facebook – that way you can market these products at will.

Email Marketing

If you have a blog or website, you’ve also likely developed an email newsletter list. Email marketing is a great way to promote affiliate products, so long as you don’t send out offer after offer, day after day (see below). However, sending your email list the occasional offer or ad promoting your affiliate links is a great way to earn commissions.

YouTube Marketing

This method is trickier, since you have to promote your affiliate link in the video description. You can also embed links in YouTube videos now, using the editor function in your YouTube account admin panel. Just be sure that you understand YouTube’s guidelines and terms of service before you start promoting your affiliate links using videos on YouTube.

How Often Should You Promote Your Affiliate Links?

What I don’t suggest is that you bombard your subscribers or group members with offer after offer. Instead, you want to provide them with good solid content that they are interested in most of the time, and then slip in an ad or offer (your affiliate link to my product) every so often. A good ratio to follow is one ad or offer for every four or five content posts. This is just enough to help you make commissions, but not so much that your group members or readers are going to feel like you’re always trying to sell them something.

If you have any questions, please get in touch at info@mytutorbusiness.com