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I think you’d agree that teachers who advertise tutoring services effectively can find more students and run a successful business.

It’s vital for attracting new pupils, which promotes stability and growth.

Advertise your tutoring service all year long

I’ve discovered that one of the most common misconceptions in running a tutoring business is that once some teachers have several students, they relax their marketing efforts.

Quite simply some students are in it for the long haul and can be your student for many years, where as others will come and go.

So you need something in place to keep up your student numbers…all year long.

And that’s why advertising is so crucial to the success of any tutor business.

Here are five common mistakes many business owners make with advertising.

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1) Relying Too Much On One Advertising Method

If something’s working great for your tutoring business and bringing in a number of new students every couple of months, you might think why do I need anything else?

In my opinion, it’s just too risky to rely on only one form of advertising. Things change in business all the time, and you need to spread your marketing efforts to have some more stability.

For example, maybe your only method uses search engine optimization. Your website has a good ranking in the search engines and attracts new students, but what happens of Google change their ranking algorithm and your site disappears from the first page?

2) Spending Too Much Money On One Strategy

In addition to only using one advertising method, you don’t want to spend too much money on it either.

Your monthly budget for advertising should be split in various sections like a pie. If you have all your eggs in one basket and you’re spending all your marketing cash on just one or two methods, things can dry up very quickly if something happens.

For example, maybe you spend all your money on newspaper ads and then the newspaper decides to cease trading, or their circulation suddenly plummets.

Whatever you do to advertise your tutoring business, I want to stress that focusing all your efforts and money on just one single advertising method is placing your tutoring business at risk every single month you continue to do so.

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3) Spending Money On Yesterday’s Methods

Advertising changes all the time, and with the various platforms available on the internet, some strategies which worked as little as three or four years ago, might not work today.

For example, look at the Yellow pages. Although you can create a free listing there, you really need to pay to make your advert stand out.

And with the popularity of Google these days, by using Adwords and setting up a local business listing, you’ll beat the results of any online yellow pages directory by a long way.

So why do some tutors still spend money on yellow pages ads?

Well maybe it brought in some new students years ago and they just feel it will work forever. Unfortunately, such an approach means they are stuck in the past, and to be honest some advertising methods just move way too quickly for some business owners to keep up.

You need to move with the times or your business may suffer as a result from dwindling student numbers.

4) Not Studying Marketing Techniques

You should always be learning about things which can improve your business. And studying the ins and outs of marketing should be no exception.

I suggest you read at least one book, or some useful information online, every couple of months, which relate to aspects of marketing. This could be learning about ad copy, online marketing or coming up with promotions, all of which can relate to advertising tutor services.

Knowledge is power after all!

5) Relying On Images Instead of Text In Your Advertising

Images are there to support the ad copy, not to replace it.

It amazes me how many flyers I see which have a snazzy photo or picture in the centre with just a bit of text and a phone number.

A good image can attract someone’s attention, but then what?

Words sell your business, not photos, so focus on the ad copy instead of using flashy images in your ads.

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