Video can be an effective marketing tool providing it’s done the right way.

Using YouTube, you can create videos to promote your teaching and attract new students to your business

Here are 3 ways you can use video..

1) Create a video of you teaching a student.

Obviously get the student’s permission for doing this (or the parent) but showing you actually teaching a lesson can be very effective.

Maybe you could include it in your promotional video anyway, or have it totally separate.

It doesn’t really matter.

But showing your teaching skills and embedding the video on your website can be a great way of having potential students choose you over another teacher when they visit your site.

They can see your teaching style and judge for themselves if your lessons will be fun, engaging and useful.

This approach can also work great with group lessons.

2) Create videos sharing some tips about your subject

In addition to showing your teaching skills, you can demonstrate your knowledge by offering some advice. This will also increase the chances of students wanting you as their teacher as they can see you know what you’re talking about!

Create a short video with some tips for learning some basics on the guitar, or for understanding basic algebra, common spelling mistakes etc..

video photo

3) Ask your students for a video testimonial

If you can video a student talking about how great you are as a teacher, this is even more powerful than a written testimonial.

Done well, it can be very persuasive for new students to choose you as a teacher.

Embed the video on your website and Facebook page aswell.


In Chapter 5 of the Tutor Marketing Course I talk about how to use Youtube and video in more detail, strategies which will help you attract students to your tutoring business.


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